How to Bet on Golf Online

A Beginner’s Guide to Placing a Golf Bet Online

Up until about 15 years or so ago, most punters placed their bets in betting shops but online betting and increasingly mobile betting are now the norm.

Placing bets online, be that on a mobile, tablet or computer, offers bettors great choice, unrivalled convenience and the chance to bet a bigger range of markets and events than ever before. However, if you’ve never placed a bet online it can all seem a bit daunting, and that’s where we can help.

In this guide we’ll talk you through the very basics of placing a golf bet online (although of course essentially the process is the same whether you’re betting on the British Open, Man United to win the FA Cup or anything else).

Here at we’ve got a range of beginners’ golf betting guides covering just about every angle of betting on golf, from a list of free bets and betting sites to advice on the best markets to bet on and even how to join a bookie, as well as the latest offers and betting tips and information on all four of the majors.

However, assuming you already have an online betting account, let’s have a look at how you would actually go about placing a bet.

Placing an Online Bet

So, as said, let’s assume you have an account with an online bookmaker and know what bet you want to place. The question is, how do you actually get your bet on? Well, it really is very simple, with all of our partner bookmakers offering intuitively designed and highly functional sites that mean even the least tech-savvy of us can get our wagers on.

Let’s say you are betting on the Masters and you fancy Jordan Spieth to win as he did in 2015. If you’re placing an ante post bet, that is a wager well in advance of the Masters, before the field is confirmed, navigating to the market may take a few extra clicks but if you’re placing a bet on the week of the event, most good golf bookies will have the Masters highlighted very clearly on their homepage.

Find the Event, Market and Bet

If you can’t see the event you’re looking for then just navigate to it, either by using the search facility or by looking under the sport. Most bookies list the various sports in the left sidebar, so click ‘golf’ and then find whichever tournament you want to bet on, in this case the US Masters.

From there you can narrow your selection down to the market you want to bet on, in this case the outright winner, and here, quite probably at the top or thereabouts in the odds, you’ll find Jordan Spieth.

Search Facility

Alternatively you can use the search facility some bookies offered and look under either the player name or the tournament. This should take you to a similar page as clicking golf, from where you can filter down to the outright winner betting of the correct tournament and locate Spieth.

Always Check Your Bets

At most bookies clicking the name of the player you want to bet on will add them to the betting slip. You then choose whether you want to back your player each way or just to win and also decide on your stake. At this stage we recommend you check that you definitely have the right event and the right market. It could, for example, be easy to back a player in the first round leader betting instead of the outright winner market.

Once you are happy with your bet and that the odds are what you expected (or better!), click “confirm” or “place bet” or similar. With many bookies this will take you to a secondary confirmation screen where you will have to click “confirm” or similar once again.

Always make sure you have clicked all the confirmation requests as otherwise your bet may not be confirmed. You will get a confirmation notice once it has definitely been placed, often with a reference number, but you can check for sure by seeing if your account balance has reduced and also by checking under your account and current or open bets.

And that’s it! Your bet is now live and all you need to do is sit back, watch Spieth keep rolling those putts in and wait to get your winnings paid!