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Free Bets and Bookie Welcome Betting Offers

To take advantage of as many Golf Betting Offers as possible you need a number of different bookies to choose from. And given all of the great Golf Betting Sites we work with offer new customers some form of free bet or welcome bonus, it makes even more sense to join multiple bookmakers.

Either simply click on any of the buttons below to claim your free bet, bonus or enhanced odds offer. Alternatively check out our Betting Site Reviews for more information on the bookie in question. Or just read on for further information on free bets in general.

Are Free Bets Really Free?

Yes… and no, is the not so simple answer. With just about every bookmaker around, in order to get your “free” bet you need to place a standard, real money bet first. Whether this makes the subsequent free bet truly free or not depends on your point of view, but we would say that essentially yes, free bets really are free – assuming you fancied placing a bet in the first place.

Free Bets
Free bets beat free beer!

Most free bets are similar to supermarket “Buy One Get One Free” type deals, in that if you pay for your first bet with your own cash, the bookie will give you your winnings as normal from that wager but then will also give you an extra free bet to give you the chance to win even more.

However, the very Best Betting Sites that we feature here at GolfBettingOffers are much more generous than your average supermarket and some of them effectively offer Buy One Get FOUR Free!

There are a whole range of offers that different betting sites make available in order to try and attract both new customers and media attention. A standard deal may see you bet £25 and then gain an extra free bet worth £25, though some bookies have been known to offer a 400% free bet, where for just a £5 paid you get a £20 free bet! 

Free bets and offers change on a regular basis as different sites try and outdo one another but the most important thing is that a free bet ALWAYS gives you a huge advantage over the bookie. Free bets cost the bookmakers cold, hard cash but they are happy to lose money in the short term in order to gain new punters, hoping that in the long term they will gain enough new regular customers to cover their losses.

In this way free bets are just marketing tools, but because they tip the odds in your favour we strongly advise taking advantage of as many new betting sites and free bets as you can (at least those available from the trusted bookies we feature on this site!).

Not only will you make money in the short term, but this is also a really great way to see which bookie you like best. Our bookmaker reviews will give you lots of info on the various betting sites we feature, but everyone is different and until you actually try them for yourself you won’t know which you like the most. So why not grab a free bet today… hell, why not claim two or three?!

Free Bet Terms and Conditions

All free bets and bookie bonus offers come with various terms and conditions attached and, with the highly reputable bookmakers we work with, these will never be intended to trick you or catch you out. That said, it still pays to know exactly what you need to do in order to claim your free bet and withdraw any winnings.

We’ll highlight all the key facts and basic information in our various betting offer articles, bookie reviews and free bet promotions, but free bets and offers – and the conditions that apply to them – change regularly, so checking the exact terms when you sign up is always recommended.

Key things to look out for include:

  • New Customers – All free bets and welcome offers are for new customers only and this may restrict people at the same address or those who use the same computer.
  • Eligibility – Almost all betting sites offer their free bets to UK and Irish customers but restrictions may apply to people residing elsewhere.
  • Time Limits – Free bets and offers may have time limits, including from when you join to when you deposit or bet, and then from when the free bet is credited to when it must be used, as well as possible restrictions on when bets must be settled.
  • Odds – Some qualifying bets and free bets may have minimum odds restrictions, or maximum odds restrictions or, occasionally, both.
  • Stake – Most free bets are stake not returned, meaning the free bet is not included with your profits/returns in the same way it would be if it was your money/stake in the first place, as with a normal bet.
  • Wagering Requirements – This is where the bonus or free bet is returned to the customer, there is almost always wagering requirements to be completed before that money can be withdrawn as cash.
  • Enhanced Odds – More and more top betting sites these days offer enhanced odds offers as an alternative to a free bet, especially for the Open and other majors. These can sometimes be more lucrative or more appealing, depending on your personal taste and the details of the offer. Some sites combine enhanced odds AND free bets for the best of both worlds.
Details of promotions and bonuses and betting odds quoted are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. 18+ Gamble Responsibly.