Enhanced Each Way Terms Golf Betting Offers

As the name suggests, here at GolfBettingOffers.com we aim to bring you all the best golf offers, free bets and promotions to help you profit from your golf bets. One simple offer which is really well suited to betting on golf and which is frequently offered by the best golf betting sites gives you enhanced each way terms and here we explain exactly what that means.

Enhanced each way terms will occasionally be offered on lesser tournaments but in general is reserved for the four majors and perhaps the Players Championship. Normally bookies pay each way bets down to four places, although many of the sites we work with pay each way to five places, offering brilliant value.

However, at the majors many of our partner bookmakers, selected because they are the best bookies around for golf fans, pay enhanced each way terms, meaning you’ll get a payout if your player finishes sixth, seventh or perhaps even eighth!

How do Enhanced Each Way Offers Work?

Essentially we’ve covered what you really need to know but for those less familiar with betting on golf, or perhaps each way betting, let us explain in a little more details.

What is Each Way Betting?

An each way bet is effectively two bets rolled into one, with one bet on a player to win the tournament and another bet on that player to “place”, with place usually defined as finishing in the top four or top five. The second bet pays out at a reduced fraction of the odds, normally ¼, and each bet has its own stake, so a £5 each way bet on Rory to win the Open will cost £10 in total.

Assuming his odds are 10/1 you’d get £55 back on the win portion of the bet as well as ¼ of the odds, so 2.5/1, on the each way portion of the bet. As such is Rory was to win the British Open you’d get £55 plus £17.50, both of those amounts including your £5 stakes, for a total return of £72.50 and a profit of £62.50. If McIlroy finished outside the places both bets lose and you get nothing, whilst if he finished, for example, second, you’d lose your £5 win bet but get £17.50 back for a profit of £7.50 overall.

Enhanced Each Way Places

As said, normally each way bets on golf pay out if your player finishes in the top four or five, but if you’re betting on the USPGA or perhaps the Masters (or any tournament where your bookies is offering enhanced each way terms) then you might get paid on your each way bets if the player finishes sixth, seventh or maybe even eighth. As such, assuming your player finished seventh, what would normally have been a losing bet suddenly becomes a winner, giving you a much greater chance of making a profit.

Each Way Betting is Great for Golf

In tennis, football, F1 and lots of other sports each way betting is less common than it is in golf for two main reasons. Firstly, events are usually won by the main contenders, so the odds are not as high, giving less scope for a decent return on an each way bet. Secondly, many events have a final, so each way bets are usually only paid on the place portion of the wager if the player makes the final itself, which is clearly less appealing than betting on someone to finish in the top eight.

Golf is perfect for each way betting, even more so than horse racing (the other main event in which it is popular) because there are so many players in the field and it isn’t that uncommon for a real outsider to win, or at least produce a top five finish. With golf producing winners at triple-digit odds every season and top fives at those sorts of odds on a very regular basis, each betting is just perfect for golf fans, especially if you can get paid right the way down to eight places!