Best Markets for Golf Betting

Betting on golf is one of the best ways to come up with some long odds winners at the bookies. With huge fields full of high quality players, many of whom are capable of winning every year, there are huge profits to be made at all levels of the game. However, the fun does not have to stop at the outright winner market. All the best golf betting sites offer plenty of different opportunities for your betting with the key markets explained below.

Outright Market

This is where the majority of the betting action happens. Not only can you bet on the player or players that you think will win the tournament, you can also place each-way bets where you will be paid out if the player you’ve backed finishes in the top four or five depending on the bookies’ rules. Often times the bookies will pay out more places for major tournaments such as the USPGA, so keep an eye for these and other free bets/offers.

First Round Leader

Sometimes you will find a bet for the golfer who ticks all the right boxes but who just struggles to get over the line. An inability to finish tournaments strongly is something that affects many of the best players in the world but you can still make a profit by betting on the first round leader market.

Top Five/10/20 Finish

Sometimes there are players in the field who have a great record at a certain course or who have their family living close by who will turn it on for a certain week. They may not quite have what it takes to win a tournament outright so the option to bet on a player to finish in the top five, 10 or 20 of the leaderboard is a welcome option offered by the best bookies and a great alternative to an each way bet if you think they will go close but that a win is highly unlikely.

Top Player from a Certain Nation

You don’t always have to back golfers against the entire field. On the biggest tournaments like the four majors and World Golf Championship events, you can bet on the top American, European, South African or any other nationality in the field.

Winning Margin

If there is a player in the field who you think is going to run away with things you can have a bet on a big winning margin with the best golf betting sites. Alternatively you can profit from close victories or even tournaments which are decided by a playoff.

Hole in One?

If a certain course has some easy par threes or a hole that has seen a high number of holes in one previously having a bet on there being a hole in one during the entire tournament could well be prudent.

Winner Without

Looking to bet on a tournament but there is a clear favourite? Why not look to the winner without markets that effectively give you the chance to bet on which player you think will end up runner up to the man or woman at the top of the outright market.

Ante Post Markets

There are often great odds available from the ante post markets for the majors which run all year long. Pick a player you think is going to have a good lead up to the tournament months before and you can pick up some great value.